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  • Name: The Graphite Sheath ,Lining For Up-cast Casting
  • Number: Graphite DJ-SY2

The Graphite Sheath ,Lining For Up-cast Casting


Our company produces the anti-oxidation protective points two kinds of models.


1, the basic model: with graphite as the main raw material and production of products, do not need to preheat before use. If must be drying to install after be affected with damp be affected with damp. After installation of graphite mould, lining, protective sleeve, graphite mold and protective sealing, drying in the oven before use in the oven. This little oxide with use cases, does not crack, not cracking, and can be used multiple times.
The product solves the problems of easy oxidation of ordinary graphite cases, also solved the sic cases not resistant to extreme cold hot, easy to crack.


2, enhanced: on the basis of the basic improvement process reuse more often.
To use: install protective sleeve in the crystallizer, mount lining, fitted with protective sleeve again. When installing protective sleeve with the hand, feel tense is ok, not too tight, do not use any other tools installed. Then mount graphite mould, graphite mold don't screw thread