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  • Name: Graphite Mould On The Vertical Continuous Casting
  • Number: Graphite DJ-SY6

The method using graphite mould

By continuous casting on 8 mm copper rod with circular graphite mould. Our company can produce according to customers drawings and specific situation in the production of all kinds of diameter of the copper rod with graphite mould.

Continuous casting is a special kind of metal casting process, the metal molten state in a specific shape mould, transform it into specific shapes of solid metal, such as rods, bars, pipes, plates and other special profiles.

Graphite mould is better resistance to high temperature, high temperature performance is stable, the amount of heat and cold are small and are used to casting process, through the heat transfer, metal from a liquid into a solid form, because the graphite lubricant is better, the solidification process of liquid metal is not easy to glue on the mould, graphite is currently using the best effect of forming dies.
In industrial production, to achieve the best effect of casting, not to choose proper graphite material, and graphite mould design, processing quality, and when used