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  • Name: A Complete Set Of Graphite Crucible
  • Number: Graphite DJ-2G4

Our factory production of graphite crucible used for smelting: gold, silver, copper, brass, copper, lead, aluminum, zinc, nonferrous metals and so on,pay attention to the following points when using:   


1.Graphite crucible should be avoid damp,Must be put in a dry indoor place or the wooden shelf.Keep ventilation,prohibit damp,When using easy to crack after be affected with damp be affected with damp.  


2.Each crucible before use must be in preheating roasting drying equipment or to stove,Especially crucible be affected with damp,Baking temperature from 100 degrees once start at low temperature,Per hour the speed of temperature is not higher than 30 degrees oven to 150 degrees,Insulation 8 hours then stoving,In drying of the crucible to stove to place at least more than one class,And usually turn around and change direction, until crucible wall feels thorny hot. 


3.First melt furnace melting time than the normal one time at least twice as much time, so as to avoid heating up too fast caused crucible containing crack, so that a fire was cracked.  


4.When handling to should take put down gently, it is forbidden to touch fell, lest cause cracks, should be the crucible furnace is put on the front plane to avoid the wear of crucible furnace cover under the tongue, affect capacity    


5.Inside the crucible crucible after use should be of the rest of the cold (cold metal) out, and then vote for the new material,When feeding must be carefully and gently into the crucible, not hurl.Feeding should be depending on the size of crucible, should not be too much, too tight in order to avoid the metal thermal expansion, burst of crucible.   


6.Crucible inside and outside the wall stick dipped in the slag and coke briquette should tap, to avoid damage to the ontology of crucible.  


7.Smelting process, don't put in the chloride solvent, in order to avoid corrosion of crucible,Used oil, furnace, the gas as a fuel oil the wind blowing mouth don't direct cauldrons fixed place, often should reverse direction, so as to avoid local damage.   


8.Come with the clamps, etc. Tools should be consistent with crucible shapes, Don't stop after blast in high temperature circumstances are eager to come out,Due to sticky to touch the area around the outer wall of crucible coke block removed and furnace temperature cool off a bit.The upper clamp to clamp the crucible, not in cracked crucible clip easy to avoid.


If you need some special shape and use graphite crucible or product, welcome to call us.