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  • Name: Graphite Mould For Vacuum Furnace
  • Number: Graphite DJ-ZC1

In control monocrystalline silicon, germanium, and 111 / v compound device of single crystal, would use the high purity graphite and carbon - carbon composite materials. Such as graphite heater, graphite crucible, graphite electrode, three tray, three disc bowl, bar, heat preservation cover from top to bottom, inside and outside the guide tube, insulation tube, insulation tube furnace bottom, furnace bottom tray, tray clamp, exhaust sheath, the axis sheath, electrode sheath, tube take temperature, heat insulation plate, heat insulation plate bracket and other graphite products.

Graphite with high purity, high strength, low consumption, compact structure. Have special requirements of customers, can provide 10 PPM impurity content of surface treatment of graphite and graphite products.