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  • Name: Graphite Pot
  • Number: Graphite DJ-SH2

Carbon materials are widely used in daily life. 

(1)Carbon bed, carbon seat.

(2)Graphite Plate for Baking, Graphite Pot. 

(3)Carbon cup, tea sets and so on. 

(4)Carbon crafts, arts and daily decorations product.  


Method of used for carbon BBQ plate:

(1)Flush with water and wiped dry, apply a thin coating of edible oil as maintain ,and to wash before use

(2)Should use heat-resistant nylon or wooden shovel,pls don't use metal utensils  

(3)The graphite material is heated evenly,use only a small to medium fire, the temperature should not exceed 250 ℃, do not dry burn 

(4)After use, should waiting for temperature slightly down and flush with water.Not immediately use cold water flushing.For stubborn grease, you can use warm water with appropriate cleaning liquid. Scrub with a soft cloth,not use coarse emery cloth or metal ball vigorously scrub. 

(5)When stored, not with the hardware together, should be placed in a soft object alone.

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