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  • Name: Graphite Rod Avoid Earthing Module
  • Number: Graphite DJ-BL2

Pure graphite earthing module: the material is pure graphite with low resistance , carbon content > 98.5%, the density is 1.6 g/cm3, compressive strength is 24 Mpa , flexural strength is 14 Mpa, resistance than 10 μ Ω. M, its physical and chemical performance absolutely superior to other products.


The graphite materials on the soil affinity is extremely good, no corrosion, not degeneration, no pollution, non-toxic, in wet water extraction or deep frozen soil environment resistance good stability, long service life, apply to more complex terrain and the construction and the shortage region grounding project, in high resistivity areas, can effectively reduce the very ground net.through introducing grounding resistance, and the transportation is convenient, easy to install, free maintenance.