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  • Name: Graphite Pipe For Copper Casting
  • Number: Graphite DJ-SMT

Continuous casting graphite moulds are for the continuous casting of copper product, platinum, gold, silver, other non-ferrous metals and steel products, stainless steel, etc. It has the features of good thermal conduction, good self-lubrication at high temperatures, good wearability, high mechanical strength, etc. It can be divided into level continuous casting mould or vertical (up-drawing) continuous casting mould by the casting mode. By the cast materials it is divided into: 1. Brass continuous casting mould 2. Red copper continuous casting mould 3. Continuous casting mould for jewelry of gold, silver, platinum, etc. 4. Steel and stainless steel continuous casting mould. By the shape of the cast product, it is divided into round bar mould, hollow tube mould, and shaped mould

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